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WINDY ventilators from SVS are always spinning…always ventilating. Non-stop ventilation has been possible only due to the integrated bearing housing, which ensures ventilator rotation at even wind speeds of less than 1 km / hour. Windy ventilators are pleasant looking, and tend to enhance the architectural looks of the building.


Hurricane vertical vane wind ventilators have a higher discharge and better bearing protection than spherical vane wind ventilators. The wind driven Hurricane turbo ventilator exhausts hot, stale air from buildings, and allows it to be replaced at low level with fresh air at ambient temperature, resulting in a more pleasant working environment. It also prevents condensation by exhausting the moist air.

In case of a fire break-out, the Hurricane Ventilator ensures safety by exhausting smoke and fumes from the building.


ecoPOWER® utilizes an electronic commutating (EC) motor installed in the head of the ventilator to enable motorised boost during periods of low wind speed or special ventilation needs. The motor can be activated by any digital measure, such as temperature, humidity gas concentration level etc. The standard product is controlled manually by a switch (not included).


Brighter, cooler & safer natural day light. The latest innovation in day lighting from SVS in technical partnership with 3M enables you to harness the sun's light and pull it into the deepest recesses of your building.

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