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ecoPOWER® utilizes an electronic commutating (EC) motor installed in the head of the ventilator to enable motorised boost during periods of low wind speed or special ventilation needs. The motor can be activated by any digital trigger, such as temperature, humidity, gas concentration level, etc. The standard product is controlled manually by a switch (not included).

Electronic commutating motor of EBM-PAPST, Germany




Please visit www.svspoweredventilators.com for complete details on this product.

Highlights of shorter length FRP base design and unique installation procedure

Saves 70-80% power over conventional technology powered rooftop extractors
Vibration free operation
Single phase motor allows the ventilator to be switched between wind and power mode when inside condition demands the same
Extremely silent
No extra support required for ventilator on roof

Award Winning Design

Unlike previous attempts to produce Ct hybrid mechanical / wind vent, ecoPOWER® has no motor and fan blade in the throat of the vent. This is extremely important. Research using AS4740:2000 (Performance of Natural Ventilators) has shown clearly that any obstruction in the throat of a wind ventilator will greatly decrease vent performance under wind load. The level of flow reduction can be 40% or greater. Also, axial fans located in the throat of wind vents can produce significant noise levels. ecoPOWER® is a large direct drive centrifugal fan. The bearing system of the motor becomes the bearing system of the ventilator. This means that the vent can be free spinning under wind load or power activated as conditions require. The use of an EC motor ensures that the best energy efficiency features available are factored into the product design.

Completed Installations



Model Dimensions - A (mm)
EP 100 100
EP 150 150
EP 400 400
EP 600 600
EP 900 900


Aspect EcoPower 400 EcoPower 600 EcoPower 900
Weight (Kg) 7.6 14.4 30