SVS introduces High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans by Kale Fans, the world’s second largest HVLS fan maker. Find the right fan size for your large-scale needs, with diameters upto 8 m (24 ft) in AC-geared or PMSM motor technology.
Salient features of Kale HVLS Fans

Model Dimensions – A (mm)
Windy 14 Plus 360
Windy 24 Plus 600
Windy 24 ECO 600
Material Specifications
Component Materials
Top All aluminium with integrated and reinforced main bearing housing
Shaft Stainless steel
Vari pitch Aluminum
Base flashing FRP & Polycarbonate bases matching customers roof profile
Rotating bearings Twin ZZ ball bearings encased in single integrated bearing housing assembly
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Combine with the SVS lineup for complete solution to your ventilation needs
There is a fight for roof space between solar panels, wind ventilators and daylight systems. Strategically placed high discharge SVS wind ventilators along with Kale HVLS fans inside the shed are the need of the hour.
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