An innovative system that collects sunlight and amplifies it indoors

How does SunInside work?

  • Collect :A dome shaped structure with specialized optical system captures sunlight consistently throughout the day and redirects it downward into the duct.
  • Transmit :The 98% reflective sheet minimises light loss and colour change, even in cloudy conditions.
  • Diffuse :The uniformly spreads light, and its optical-grade plastic film maintains colour of the transmitted light.
SunInside Tubular guided daylighting system broadly consist of four different parts:
1. Collection system
Clear, UV resistant polycarbonate dome
Parameter Specifications
Transmission Minimum 80%
Refractive Index 1.58
Service Temperature -10°C to 80°C
Thickness 2mm at flange

2. Guidance System
Aluminium Sheet Thickness: 0.4mm – 0.5mm
The film surface should have a luminous reflectivity of 98% and a bandwidth reflectivity of over 90% for 400 to 775nm wavelength of light incident between 0 to 80 degrees.
The mirrored surface shall be protected by a plastic sheet until final installation of the system.

3. Diffuser
Parameter Specifications
Diffuser type
4. Roof mounting system
Leak proof installation of the system on customer roof
The system is installed in such a way that the light guidance component of the system is dustproof. This is necessary to prevent dust from entering the tube to ensure reflectivity is maintained. It is also to ensure that the air column inside the tube will act as an insulator for heat.
Daylighting system to be installed on variable-angle elbow to counter roof slope and to ensure daylight tube to remain perpendicular to ground. The complete assembly to be installed on FRP Base of profile which will match roofing sheet. All installation to be done by cutting hole on roof and placing FRP base above this hole.


Technical Specifications
Tube Diameter Tube Length
500 mm 1200 mm
750 mm 1200 mm
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